Can I Add Prescription Lens to My Sunglasses?

Let’s not lie…having a great pair of sunglasses is key for either really protecting your eyes from the sun or just completing an outfit and making us look that much better. Either way, it’s very important to make sure that if you wear your sunglasses, your vision still remains perfect.ray ban outlet online
Many of us, like me, wear prescription glasses. So, since I do not wear contacts, nor care to, I always have to be using my glasses but during the day I want to use my sunglasses. The problem is when I put them on I don’t see quite as well as I should…so…the obvious thing is to make my sunglasses prescription as well.cheap ray ban outlet.
We get this questions asked a lot whether you can add presctiption lenses to your sunglasses and the answer is yes but not always.
1. In order to add prescription lenses to sunglasses the lenses must be of a certain curve size. The lenses on the sunglasses must be base curve of 8 or less.

2. When we do your prescription lenses, the lab actually has to pop out the original lenses that the sunglasses came with and put in the new lenses. So, in most
cases this means that for example if you choose to add prescription lenses on a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, you will lose the lenses they come with and the logo on top of the lens that says Ray-Ban.

3. You can add prescription lenses to any sunglases and they don’t have to be the same color of the original lens. fake ray ban glasses sale.You can choose different tint colors for your lenses. We offer grey and green as options for tint on your prescription lenses for sunglasses.
Pop singer Katy Perry is known for her unconventional style of dress. Often humorous, bright in color and evocative of different decades like 60’s and 70’s. Repeatedly wearing fruit shaped accessories as part of her outfits; she certainly knows how to spark the fireworks in her fashion. However, one of the main garnishes besides the eatable goods is the sunglasses she mixes with her funky attire.

Not only does she wear them at live events such as personal appearances and concerts, but she has now made it a regular thing to wear them in her music videos as well.

Being the big Ray Ban wearer that she is, it’s no surprise she chose to sport the RB 2140 901 Wayfarer sunglass for her Teenage Dream single’s music video as well as sister brand Vogue for her E.T. (Extraterrestrial) video VO2677S 186711 to accessorize both, her good girl and alien look.
It’s no doubt that Katy has a very unique taste and knows how to stand out with everything she does both in her musical career and personal style, but when it comes to sunglasses, surprisingly her choices are not as loud and crazy.
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Another popular Ray Ban style this California Girlz has been spotted wearing is the Ray Ban Clubmaster RB 3016 W0365 as seen in picture here.
Everyone that is looking for sunglasses that doesn’t already have a specific model in mind or a model that they have been wearing for years and are loyal to that style wonders how to find a pair of sunglasses that best fits their face.ray ban sunglasses sale.

Finding the right sunglasses for you depends on a few factors of course and some factors don’t even depend on physical features but also attitude, preference, etc.

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